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We are Expert in

Who We Are

We are a subsidiary of one of the most successful energy companies in Greece and one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe with over 210,000 customers. Our company creates custom solutions to help our customers in streamlining the processes and improve day-to-day operations.

At Code City, we design, develop, and maintain applications, frameworks, websites, or other software components. We pave the way for your business digital transformation journey by providing all the necessary tools, processes and experience.

We create pixel-perfect designs, thorough documentation, meticulous blueprints, comprehensive test suites and write superior code. At Code City, we put all these pieces together. This includes everything from the software’s conception to the final manifestation of the software research, new development, prototyping, modification, reuse, re-engineering, maintenance, and more.

Our Services

Web Development

We create best-in-class web applications with superior user experience and fully adjustable back-end through a vast variety of modern technologies.

Mobile App Development

We develop custom mobile apps which reinforce brand, provide high revenue and are able to achieve millions of downloads.

UX / UI Design

HIGH QUALITY comes through GOOD DESIGN. We invest quality time in creating a pixel-perfect design before start coding.

Software Development

We produce software with the highest quality and lowest cost in the shortest time possible.

Content Management Systems

From CMS to KBS, we are ready to store any structured or unstructured information you desire.

Back-end Development

Our tailor-made back offices are ready to support millions of your customers’ queries.

Website Creation

We deliver high-quality landing pages that engage customers at first sight.

We are offering custom application development, UX / UI design, content management services, mobile app development and web development. We have expertise in a number of technology stacks. We can scale up quickly and find resources that can meet your needs. We can also cater for any niche needs that you may have.

Software Solutions

Our company has state-of-the-art experience in the following sectors:

  • Energy
  • Fintech
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Technology Retail
  • IoT
  • Entertainment Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • HR Recycling

Our Partners

Our strategic partnerships with leading technology organizations help us to exceed our customers’ expectations and deliver optimal solutions.

Our Customers

We serve a diverse customer base of different sizes, from SMEs to large corporates, and across different sectors.

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